Team Xccelerate is a unique training program specially created to attract talent pool into the market research across diverse disciplines and age groups. The 3 week long comprehensive training module provides deeper insights into the market research industry and helps new entrants in getting a clearer perspective when it comes to data collection. The ‘Team Xccelerate’ program also focuses on honing some basic skill-sets that are essential in the market research industry. The ‘Team Xccelerate’ program focuses on developing the job skills like data collection, data assimilation, etc. to help the uninitiated to quickly adapt to the field. Furthermore, it aims to polish certain other skills such as creative ability and communication. This program enthuses standardization in work process and quality control by encouraging the new entrants to imbibe professional tactics.

Why Team Xccelerate?

Increasingly it is observed and felt that there is a dearth of good talent and a paucity of training mechanism that is plaguing the industry, which is impacting data quality adversely. Keeping this at the core we made a conscious beginning to address this problem by designing a training program, which is bound to bring ethics, efficiency, and quality in data collection. Further, it will provide the new entrants the basic grasp to perform their tasks with due diligence offering them a sustainable model to exist and grow. This program is an initiative to attract fresh talent not only from Metros but tier 1 & 2 cities offering holistic growth. The program is simultaneously initiated across key locations in India and is an ongoing module for years to come.

How Does Team Xccelerate Work?

The data collection resources available are all freelancers and they work simultaneously on multiple projects and/or in multiple companies. This scenario most of the times leads to paucity as a freelancer always has a choice to pick easy v/s not so easy projects, has the liberty of time over responsibility. We at Market Xcel conceptualized this idea to bring in perspective of training, responsibility, and commitment along with getting fresh talent and additional resources to the pool.

There are certain basics which we follow when it comes to creating this pool and they are:

  • Advertising in local news media to attract talent for in person interviews
  • Candidates are called on a specific day for the interview
  • One of the selection pre-condition is NO PRIOR MARKET RESEARCH EXPERIENCE


  • Post selection candidates are called for 3 weeks training. The training module is designed by Market Xcel and covers various aspects of Market research with Key emphasis on data collection.
  • Week 1: Training Covers: MR basics, terminology, and definitions, protocols of interviewing, etc.
  • Week 2: Post training each interviewer is asked to accompany supervisors and trainers in the field for observation as to how interviewing is done.
  • Week 3: Next task is interviewers conduct interviews and supervisors and trainers observe them.
  • • Post training module completion, interviewers are carefully scanned as to continue in real projects under supervision for about 1 month and those not deemed to be fit are either screened out or put for retraining in the next session.

The Benefits of Team Xccelerate

It has been a successful endeavor for Market Xcel in the last 5 years and we currently have 357 people employed on monthly rolls across 12 locations in India and the program is going on.

Team Xccelerate's strength as of July 2016 is 357.