Why choose Market Xcel for Qualitative Data Analysis?

Data Analysis in Qualitative Research Techniques

Market Xcel has vast experience in providing qualitative data analysis services, in India and several other countries. We use technical methods (such as statistical content analysis) to determine the significance of findings, and also rely on thoughtful reflection of the same. Our teams of experienced professionals have been working in the field of data analysis in qualitative research for a long time and therefore, have comprehensive knowledge about working in various sectors and markets.

Qualitative Research and Analysis

Qualitative Research

essentially deals with understanding experiences and attitudes of community, and its methods answer questions about the ‘what’, ‘how’ or ‘why’ of a phenomenon rather than ‘how many’ or ‘how much’. It helps in providing insights and generating hypotheses that can then be tested by quantitative methods.

Qualitative Data Analysis

involves processes like coding (open, axial, and selective), categorising and making sense of the essential meanings of the phenomenon. The analysis of qualitative research involves understanding the big picture by using the data to describe the phenomenon and what this means. Our Researchers are equipped in generating insights by identifying and labelling or coding data that is bespoke for each research.

How We Assist

We assist our clients in various facets of data collection research and analysis of qualitative data, using our years of experience in the qualitative research domain.


We help you choose the most cost-effective sampling techniques, sample size and methodologies.

Recruitment/Moderation/ Methods

Qualitative recruitment of studies coupled with moderation is undertaken through our in-house experienced pool of resources through various methods. The offerings are spread across the following : -

  • Focus Groups
  • Mini-Groups
  • In-depth Interviews (F2F and Telephonic)
  • Observation Techniques
  • Bulletin Board Groups
  • On-line Groups
  • Paired Interviews & Triads
  • Ethnographies
  • Moderation (In house & Senior consultants)
  • Multilingual Moderators
  • Simultaneous translators
  • Audio Videotaping / viewing/streaming

Our recruitments quality norms are well established which ensure screening of repeat respondents thereby leading to effective outcomes for our clients.


Our pan-Indian presence and network of in-house interviewers facilitates direct interaction with the Target Audience. Their expertise ensures excellent rapport with potential participants.

Peripheral Support

We felicitate and arrange for good quality venues and offer all logistics support within the purview of the project.


Post data collection, we organize the data in sync with our project objectives and compile the analytical summary & full report of the project. The same along with the Moderator’s Note are then presented to the client.

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