Multi Country Fieldwork

Market Xcel has its presence in many countries across the globe. As a data-driven technology company, Market Xcel focuses on delivering a balanced integration of Big Data & Market Research. We are humbled and gratified to establish our presence all across the globe, especially in the Middle East & Africa, East Asia (China, Japan Korea, Taiwan & Hong Kong), and SAARC (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar & Sri Lanka). With an inventory of 1200 tablets for data collection, we hope to expand our researches and clientele to other countries soon.

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Headquartered in Delhi, Market Xcel has support offices across 14 locations all across the country and 54 other locations for assistance and fieldwork research. To deliver accurate and precise findings, Market Xcel conducts extensive and detailed researches to analyze data information and produce
tailor-made solutions for your need. We have a comprehensive clientele base and cover diversified domains of different sectors in India.

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As a market research company, Market Xcel conducts extensive, detailed and planned research work across different demographics. Following is a brief of some case studies undertaken in the APAC countries like –

  • Bangladesh
  • Indonesia
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka

The researches were carried out considering the different segmentations of each country, their issues and understanding of the market dynamics in these nations.


Currently, the Water Treatment Chemical Market is in a growing stage; however, it is expected to grow at a notable pace over the next few years. Certain key reasons:

Researches were conducted to analyze and determine the Water Treatment Chemical Business in Bangladesh. The main objective of the study was to undertake a detailed understanding of the water treatment chemicals market in Bangladesh. This included estimating the overall market size, growth rate, current and future perspective, its segmentation, identifying the need gaps, assessing the market potential and industry dynamics.

Interventions were held with end-users to understand their preferences, factors affecting the selection of water chemical options and the challenges faced, current behaviour and future expectations. The objective was to understand the business model adopted by the category players and to capture the nuances and have detailed information on market operational trends. Semi-structured interviews with distributor/dealers present and with current end-users i.e. industries like F&B, Power, Chemical, Textile, and Pharma in the market were carried out too.


As per the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) of Indonesia, energy efficiency has to be one of the key measures to reduce the GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions from energy sector. Seeing the immense growth and popularity of the Refrigerator and Air Conditioner industry, researches were conducted to derive a detailed understanding of the market for domestic refrigerators in Indonesia. The research aimed to assess the market potential, industry dynamics and understanding of the existing energy-efficient policies.

The research was carried out to develop a detailed understanding of the market for domestic refrigerators in Indonesia.

Desk researches were undertaken in order to capture the current trends, key industry dynamics, government policies and the major players in the market, by referring to various industry reports, publications, journals, and news article

Further, key profiling of major players was done by referring to various company websites.

Primary researches were performed with

  • Manufacturers, importers and manufacturing association for refrigerators
  • Customs, Import and Control Department
  • Retailers and individual experts


Pakistan is located at a strategic and important location at the crossroads of South Asia, the Middle East and Central Asia. It has a great potential for trade with the landlocked Central Asian States, Afghanistan for the Afghan Transit Trade and to the west and north into China, via the Karakoram highway. The huge consumers market, raising awareness of 3PLs, booming e-commerce and retail are key growth drivers for logistic industry and presently underserved logistics infrastructure is a key opportunity for the industry players.

A study was conducted to understand logistics business in Pakistan with emphasis on four major industries namely Textile, Automotive, Electronics and Agriculture.

Desk research was carried to understand the market environment of the Logistics market. In-Depth Intervention approach was adopted to obtain detailing of information for major companies, thereby understanding the potential and likely future Pakistan holds for the Industry.

A holistic approach was adopted during the survey; imbibing both secondary data collection and primary interactions with different stakeholders.

Sri Lanka

The objective of the study was to understand respondent attitude and impact of painting wood & metal items in house painting & home decor. 7 in-depth interviews were undertaken with respondents who were planning to get their home painted.