Importance of Market Research

Research, the most significant tool of man’s evolution, progress & growth becomes even more significant when it is applied to market. It decides the fate of an enterprise. Winning or losing depends entirely on the keen understanding of the perennial need of consumers. Market Xcel is adept in this scientific art.

About Market Xcel

Established in the year 2000, Market Xcel delivers tailor made solutions in the field of personalized research. Its uniqueness lies in discovering what people actually want, need, or believe, providing a cutting edge to the associated enterprises. The strong background of the leadership team and the employees allows Market Xcel to deliver services with distinction.

Market Xcel focuses on providing actionable solutions to address key business issues. Associations with wide Industry verticals have enabled it to understand the typicality and key requirements of each business type. Over the last decade of our existence, we have been versatile in thoughts; strong and unrelenting in operations. Our work is admired beyond the geographical boundaries. Today we are the preferred partners of global leaders and our achievements narrate a story of our determination to succeed and our passion to win. We are committed to leverage opportunities in creating excellence.


Our Mission

To stay committed to being innovative, competitive and highly focused towards satisfaction of our clients.

Our Vision

To be the ″The Enterprise of the Future″. To be viewed as one of the best and proficient people to deal with, in our areas of core competence.

Our Values

We are responsible for quality

We strive to do and deliver good output, we assure you of complete value for your money spent on work assigned to us. Every member of our team is responsible for the quality of what he/she is assigned to do.

We deliver complete client satisfaction

Our teams are completely dedicated to client satisfaction as the core of their work profile. We believe in understanding client requests and delivering output that meets their expectations.

We value our people

Employees are at the heart of our action and we have a talented pool of people, coming together with a dream of shaping our own future and of everyone else working with us. We respect each one´s place and existence in the value chain and take pride in significant contributions from diverse people.

We act with integrity

We are committed to act with honesty and integrity in everything we do. We value time and commitments and believe in efficient and open communication in all matters.

Our Behavior

We at Market Xcel, behave in a manner which ensures that we care for our values and act in accordance. We are committed towards our Company Values and thus our focus is operational excellence, speed, and quality output. We believe in communicating openly at all times both with clients and internally with employees.

We Pledge

We at Market Xcel know it well that client satisfaction is fundamentally attached to project outcomes and it is our intent to provide exceptional client service and technically accurate, high-quality work to our clients. In this spirit, we make our declaration –

  • We will establish strong partnership with our clients by anticipating their needs and working together with them to determine the best project solutions
  • Provide effective timely and responsive communication to clients and all project members
  • Will ensure that all project partners understand the requirements set forth in the project
  • Will pursue continuous improvement through client feedback and collaboration

The Disrupters

Manish Narang

Managing Director

Ashwani Arora

Executive Director

Kapil Narang

VP Client Services

Sapna Singh

VP Culture & Client




Industry Affiliations


Multi Country Fieldwork

Market Xcel has its presence in many countries across the globe. As a data-driven technology company, Market Xcel focuses on delivering a balanced integration of Big Data & Market Research. We are humbled and gratified to establish our presence all across the globe, especially in the Middle East & Africa, East Asia (China, Japan Korea, Taiwan & Hong Kong), and SAARC (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar & Sri Lanka). With an inventory of 1200 tablets for data collection, we hope to expand our researches and clientele to other countries soon.