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It serves many purposes and can be used as a stand-alone research technique or as the initial stage of a project in primary research. Desk Research helps to track down useful existing pre-published information. Many companies need to find out information about their market or competitors but for many reasons cannot understand the dynamics of the market. Desk Research in a cost effective manner solves much of the problem. It constitutes a vital component of Market Xcel offerings to various of its clients based in India and abroad.

Desk research at Market Xcel comprises searching for information using existing resources, both internal and external, and supplemented with expert’s opinion. This is then followed by cross reference, guesstimation, and synthesis of information. We have extensive experience in conducting desk research projects across wide Industry verticals.

The projects range from conducting studies covering:

  • Situational analysis
  • Determining feasibility of entering into a specific market
  • Category potential
  • Reporting competition strategy basis their progression and much more