The Architecture

The Architecture

We simplify huge data for our clients using a 3-tier approach which makes the data simple to understand, crisper and more useful.

Our team is well versed in building dashboards using Tableau, Power BI, Excel, R and Python.

Tier 1: Discover Patterns

The stored data is organized on the basis of relevant criteria and simplified to find the hidden patterns/trends or facts that describe it.

Tier 2: Logical Explanation

The data is further dissected to find out the logical explanation for what occurred and why it occurred, thus generating useful business insights.

Tier 3: Predictions

The insights generated thus far are then utilized for predictive modelling, anticipating the consumer actions based on different business decisions.

Types of Analysis Undertaken

Our team is equipped with a sharp analytical acumen and can support clients for all their varied challenges, requiring basic or high end analytical capabilities. We are capable of crunching big data to provide useful information about advanced analytics, performance management, business intelligence or simply information management.

Types of Research studies

Some of the research studies that are undertaken under Big Data Analytics are –

  • Cross-selling/ Up-selling opportunity
  • Loyalty analytics
  • Churn management
  • Reliability analysis
  • Demand Forecast
  • Revenue Forecast
  • Customer service analytics