The Architecture

Big Data Analytics

With the advent of technology, there is an explosion of data all around with unorganized information flowing in every second into huge databases. As the volume and velocity of data inflow starts snowballing into massive proportions, its analysis requires an experienced team for accurate insights generation, fact conclusion and trends prediction. Unfortunately, most organizations are unable to make the best use of such data they have/generate.

That’s where Market Xcel pitches in using analytics in formulating effective business strategies or taking fact-based decisions, to attain maximum benefits.

Big data Analytics has massive implications different organisations are using it, ranging from Sports to governance, retail to science, technology to medicine; and it has proved to be the winning card by yielding smart predictions.

We enable organizations to

  • Adopt the correct approach to collect and connect with big data.
  • Connect the dots among different data sets that exist in silos for patterns, correlation, insight generation, etc.
  • Provide business solutions based on big data, implementable across all business verticals.
  • Properly maintain and manage confidential big data.
  • Facilitate Predictive Modeling, Data Mining, Time Series, Decision Trees, Neural Networks, Text Mining, etc.
  • Get automated scheduled reports on daily, weekly and monthly basis

Big Data Team at MXL

To tap into the opportunities presented by Big Data Analytics, we have instituted a specialized Big Data wing. The team consists of experienced data scientists and consultants who have vast experience in deciphering patterns stored within the Big Data by using smart analytics. Various techniques of data analysis that are employed to analyze and understand the data for predictive modelling are:-

  • Hypothesis testing
  • Correlation and Regression analysis
  • Data modeling to visualize and condense vast patterns
  • Linear models
  • Segmentation and Clustering
  • Text Mining
  • ARIMA modeling

We, at Market Xcel, effortlessly crunch perplexing statistics to delineate meanings and trends, glean consumer behavior patterns and provide foundation for formulating sound business strategies and decisions.