Covid-19 Business Continuity Preparedness Audits

With lockdown restrictions being eased in India, every business is facing a set of dilemmas and questions to get accustomed to the new normal. The resumption of operations is critical for survival even during the pandemic and business are tailoring their continuity plans to the specific challenges posed by such communicable diseases.

Market Xcel, being an insight industry leader, is ready with the answers by offering practical solutions to companies for engaging their eco system and restoring customer’s as well as employees’ confidence. We understand the criticality of the situation and offer services customized around Monitoring and Measuring the preparedness of businesses for successful continuation of work.


To resume operations, it is a must for businesses to follow the specific measures and guidelines recommended by the government and relevant associations, and adjusting them according to the risk levels. Market Xcel, with its years of experience in auditing, can help by measuring and auditing whether the businesses are in compliance with such advised guidelines, and indicate their chances of successful continuation.

Business Preparedness Audits

Market Xcel conducts audits as either pre-informed audits to understand the level of clarity on protocols within the different layers of organization; and/or as a mystery audit to review and measure the adherence to the laid protocols.

Assessment Criteria

We benchmark compliance with the latest prevailing guidelines issued by the authorities; mandated by the management and best practices in the interest of business, employees and customers. The assessment criteria are pivoted around preventive measures, performance metrics, social hygiene, social distancing and others to provide a holistic overview of the present condition.

We then analyze and synthesize the audit scores to determine the gap areas which then become critical plug points for the businesses.


Even a small issue can dent the goodwill of a business in a major way. Hence, it’s prudent for businesses to be prepared and disease proof than being sorry. The need for such inspections by a third party like us is thus accentuated by the following factors:

  • Integral for business continuity and success.
  • One lapse may tarnish the business image and continuity.
  • Shall offer assurance on safety and offer reassurance.
  • Shall restore and reinforce the confidence of the team and customers.
  • Will highlight gaps in the process and laid protocols.

You need it, if you are in any of the following business

Retail: FMCG Outlets, Durables Shops, Auto Service Stations, Auto Showrooms, Fuel Stations, Salons & Parlors, Spas, etc.

Services: Warehouse, Courier Company, Delivery, Transport – Bus or cab aggregator, etc.

Food: Restaurants, Ice Cream Parlors, Coffee Shops & Patisseries, Eateries, etc.

Recreations: Theme Parks, Theatres, Banquets, Sports and Recreational Facilities, Banquets, Gymnasiums, etc.

Institutions: Offices, Facilities – Manufacturing or Storage, Malls, Cinema halls, Schools, Colleges, etc.


Market Xcel has a team of more than 300 trained auditors in 50 Indian cities, equipped with the experience of conducting Retail & Establishment Audits of more than 15000 Shops and Establishments every month. Our auditors are trained specifically to suit different businesses.

We strictly follow the best practices related to personal hygiene and social distancing. A standard health check protocol is religiously conducted to ensure that they are healthy and do not carry any risk of spreading the contamination.

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