Project 1:

Objective: The objective of this study was to illustrate the nature and pattern of microfinance for housing in India and the challenges and potential of low segment housing finance market. Understanding the overall demand and priority of housing and current housing finance arrangement among low-income groups. Assessing different practices of housing microfinance and the potential market for MFH. Examine the non-MFH credit borrowing pattern and its utilization pattern among low-income households vis-à-vis their nature and type of housing activities.

Analyzing performance of different MFH programme, its impacts, challenges and designing of MFH products. Exploring possible institutional partnership between MFI and other institutions and how up-scaling of housing microfinance will benefit all stakeholders.

Approach: Analysis of secondary data and information: Available secondary data on microfinance for housing from published reports, documents and other literatures were collected and analyzed in Indian context.

Project 2:

Objective: By understanding the migratory pattern in and around major cities of east dwelling pattern of locals and migrants (housing structure and size, ownership) current real estate activities and trends occupational engagement of dwellers and willingness to invest in housing a 360 degree view of the situation studied from demand as well as supply side.

Approach: Desk Research