Project 1:

The objective of this study was to unearth the baseline understanding of the geographical spread of potential/available contraceptive social marketing outlets and the nature of contraceptive products/brands available at these outlets in C & D category villages in Bihar and Odisha.

The main components of the study were:

Finding out the availability of condoms and contraceptives across different retail categories and sizes.
To understand the factors influencing the stocking patterns of various brands of condoms and contraceptive pills at the tertiary/retail level in C and D category of villages.
To capture the availability and visibility of communication material / POS.
Intention of the retailer to stock and sell condoms and contraceptives.
Further to understand from the stakeholder community the dispensing practices of contraceptives adopted by them (anganwadi workers/RMP/ASHAs).

Project 2:

Objective: Test and validate the effectiveness of communication plans for promotion of birth spacing methods w.r.t. with the usage of analytical techniques bring out whether the communiqué’s are hitting the right chord, thus understand the relevance of the same to the target audience – accurate expression of key themes and messages.

Approach: Focus groups amongst married men & women.

Healthcare providers (ASHA / Saiyan, INM DIDI, Midwife & Nurse).