Evaluate the two TV spots in the backdrop of current attitudes, behaviour and practices viz menstrual hygiene.

Evaluate the two TV spots individually with the key target audience.

Comparatively evaluate the two TV spots, primarily in terms of appeal, resonance/dissonance and impact on attitudes to trial.

Approach: Adolescent girls: The core beneficiary segment.

10-14 years olds – with a mix of those who have not attained menarche and those who have.

15-19 year olds – girls who have attained menarche for some time now and thus will be able to give us an insight into prevalent notions viz menstrual hygiene that are being practiced and passed down to them as lineage.

Mothers of adolescent girls 10- 19 years:

Regular viewers of television.
Socio economic classification – R1 & R2.

Study location:

Tonk and Mewat districts of Rajasthan and UP respectively.