Is there a silver lining to the dark cloud?
Is there a silver lining to the dark cloud?


Growing disposable income coupled with rising awareness of a healthy body is helping the Indian Fitness & Slimming Industry to grow at an exponential pace. Additionally, significant changes in lifestyle related to lack of physical activity and increased consumption of fast food among both affluent and working class population has led to greater need for healthy lifestyles.

Market Size & Growth Rate

The Indian fitness industry is in nascent stages of growth and the fitness and slimming industry has 8% (INR 40 billion) of market share (in total Indian wellness Industry), of which slimming and fitness services account for 68% of market share. The industry is fairly fragmented since the majority of the market appears to be dominated by a large number of mom-and-pop gyms. Organized fitness services account for merely 25% of the overall fitness industry.

Market Trend

The organised fitness market is concentrated in top eight cities of India (Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad) with more than 60 per cent of outlets of top dozen chains located in these cities. However, going forward, while the market will continue to grow in these cities (which are still under penetrated), given the high real estate costs in these cities players will increasingly be looking at tier 2 and 3 cities for growth. Hence, a higher growth in the premium and mid-end of the market is anticipated.

Key Growth Drivers

  • Key Growth Drivers
  • Growing disposable income to translate to higher discretionary expenditure
  • Rising lifestyle diseases
  • Rising awareness of healthy lifestyle among Indians
  • Least affected by slowdown in economy
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