marketxcel February 2014
Emergence of Tablet in India

The Indian tablet industry is among the fastest growing markets around the world and is estimated to touch 7.3 million units by 2015. While the market is dominated by international brands, the emergence of various low cost indigenous brands has made tablets accessible to the price conscious Indian consumer. In the first quarter of 2013 (January -March) the tablet market in India has witnessed 905,000 tablets from 53 domestic and MNC manufacturers. Of the 53 vendors, only nine were able to record significant shipments of more than 20,000 units.

Key drivers for Tablet Sales in India are:-

  • People are slowly shifting focus from computers to tablets due to various factors like mobility, convenience, affordability, weight, etc.
  • Multi usage, great user experience, rising of 3G penetration, enhanced reach and changing lifestyles of consumers in India will boost the demand for Tablet PCs in India.
  • Growing numbers of affordable Tablets, popularity of the device amongst budget-sensitive consumers is expected to increase manifold.

The "value conscious" Indian buyer has been pushing the demand for the seven-inch tablet or phablet - with the added facility of calling. Globally, tablet sizes are consolidating around the seven-inch mark with the larger sizes now becoming a niche rather than the standard. But Indian customers seem to think that this size is good enough to be used as a phone, despite the awkward grip. No wonder then that most tablets manufacturers now have a phone version of their seven-inch tablet available in this market

Market Trends:

  • Portability, brilliant functionality, larger battery life, superior components and hardware, access to numerous apps and smooth user interface have made tablets one of the fundamental computing devices.
  • Tablets are now available at more affordable prices than ever; this tends to attract more and more buyers thereby giving impetus to the growth of the market