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A Week without Mobile
    People still consider family, health, cleanliness, etc. to be more
	valuable than just spending time with their mobile phone

    A Week without Mobile
    22% Willing to not meet/ see their children for a week

27% Willing to give up brushing their teeth for a week

41% Willing to give up breakfast for a week

54% Willing to be without eyeglasses/spectacles for a week

47% Willing to dress without shoes for a week

46% Willing to not meet/see their partner/girlfriend for a week

61% Willing to give up exercise for a week

61% Willing to give up laptop/computer for a week

63% Willing to give up drinking alcohol for a week

65% Willing to not use/ drive 2 Wheeler/ Car for a week

70% Willing to give up drinking coffee/ tea for a week

70% Willing to give up watching television for a week

73% Willing to give up eating chocolates for a week

56% Willing to give up sex for a week

83% Willing to give up playing video games for a week
Categories of Phone Users
    Phone Addicts
    25% I switch off my phone at night
    57% I sneak glances at my phone, when I am out with my friends, family, or my actual lover
    49% I regularly check my phone at the dinner table
    67% My phone is the first thing I reach for when I wake up in the morning
    55% I feel anxious when my phone is not in my hand
    77% I put my phone besides myself while sleeping, ensuring that it is at a distance where I can reach it
Phone Socialites
    64% I respond to calls while watching movies/events
    65% I reply to email/messages (including BBM/ Whatsapp,etc) while watching movies/events in a cinema hall/ auditorium/stadium
    71% I use my phone to watch videos
    68% I check email/messages (including BBM/Whatsapp,etc) while watching movies/events in a cinema hall/auditorium/stadium
    72% I use my phone to access online social networks
    77% I use my phone to check in to business/work
    72% I use my phone to listen to music

    Phone Crazy
    32%  I get panic attacks when I realize that I haven't heard my phone ring in a while (like 15 minutes)
    35% I get panic attacks when my phone's battery is less than half (50%)
    36% I take my phone to the bathroom
    46% I could spend all day in bed with it
    41% I do things for my phone that I would never do for anyone/thing else
    52% I sometimes even stay up late at night doing nothing but fiddling with it
    55% I avoid known numbers when I am angry with the person calling
    62% I get panic attacks if phone's battery is less than (10%)
    63% I am so used to having it around, I feel absolutely lost without it
    63% I believe that my phone reflects my sense of style

    More Stories
    43% I will feel more romantic/attached with a person having a handset with similar OS
    44% Would rather lose my wallet or purse than my phone
    53% Have never paid more than Rs. 55 for an app
    47% Sometimes I catch myself smiling at my phone like an idiot
    64% Seeing it seriously damaged, dropping it in a puddle, or, God forbid, losing it feels like a giant stab to the heart
    51% It knows mostly everything about me. The time I wake up each morning, where my favourite haunts are and even my passwords
    66% No matter how old or scratched up my phone gets, it will always hold some sort of sentimental value to me
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