Shaheed Shaikh, Mumbai

My career in the market research began in 2002 and the journey with Market Xcel started in August 2009. Before joining here, I was jobless for 2 months; this was the first time when I was sitting idle at home which led to a lot of frustration within me.

Every day while offering prayers, I used to ask god the reason behind putting me in this situation & pleaded for a Job. With each passing day, I used to think, but got no answer on why am I not getting any job. I never knew that he had something great in store for me. Soon, I got the job call from Market Xcel & cracked the interview successfully. Today, I thank god that he not just gave me a job, but an extended family and a second home too.

I joined the organization as a Project Coordinator. From the very first day, I knew that if I want to grow here then my company has to grow first. With this thought, I always gave my best to the work in coordination with my other colleagues which resulted in our company’s growth, and in return, I also grew with the company & went on to become the Project Manager.

Whenever my counterparts in the industry meet me, they ask me the reason for not switching to a bigger organization as they feel the opportunities are better there. I tell them that I am happy working with Market Xcel as I get the feeling of being at home, as the environment is professional yet a lot friendlier and far better than some of the organizations which they refer to.

Only after joining Market Xcel, I started believing that “A good teacher can only impart knowledge, but it’s up to the student to learn and implement them in life & make the learning count with continues efforts”. My reason behind saying this is that before joining Market Xcel, I had worked only on few healthcare projects, but owing to the learning & opportunities given here along with my dedication to the work, I feel proud to say that now people always quote- “Healthcare project hai toh Shaheed ko de do kar lega, kaisa bhi project ho nikal lega” (if it’s a healthcare project, just give it to Shaheed & consider the job done).

I have completed 6 years as a family member and wish for many more to come, and feel honored to say that-

‘People are known by their identity and my Identity is Market Xcel’.

Shaheed Shaikh, Proud Family Member

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