“Consumer Connect” is an offline panel of respondents who are recruited and categorized on usage and ownership of various consumables and durables. It’s a source of accessing the database of high-quality respondents who have undergone a reliable and robust screening process to ensure top quality respondents, much-improved respondent attendance, and exceptional project management.

How 'Consumer Connect' Helps?

We have an ever-growing database of respondents that are continuously recruited, providing us with access to a vast and wide range of individuals. We add 50-100 new respondents every day to our existing database of 5,000+ respondents through in-field recruitments and thus can consistently place high-quality respondents to fit most specifications for qualitative projects. We can recruit any type of Indian consumer or business market you have an interest in.

Keeping the diverse consumer groups in mind we recruit respondents on-field and are always seeking new ways of reaching out to the target audiences. The key highlights of “Consumer Connect” are:

  • Covers top 5 cities in India
  • Ensures geographic spread in each city
  • Maintain representation based on Gender, Age, and SEC
  • Fresh respondents are recruited every day through our in-house trained recruiters using CAPI technology
  • All possible recruitments begin with showing respondents a video on what market research is and how their participation adds value to products and services they consume
  • The respondent database is synced to our customized database management software
  • A call center team re-screens each respondent and later calls them for participation in appropriate projects

During our recruitment process, we were surprised to find that after all these years, many people are still unaware of market research and that opportunities exist for them to take part in interesting and important research projects. We believe these opportunities should be open to all, not simply for a selected few who personally know a traditional recruiter. We are committed to getting the word out.

What do we want to Solve – Professional Respondents?

The serious issue that surrounds Qualitative Research which we so desire to solve with “Consumer Connect” is that there are only a handful of recruiters and only a small pool of respondents, which leads to:

  • Lack of new respondents
  • Professional Respondents who are most likely to fake recruitment criterias