Social research answers the what, when, how and why of facts and their inter relationships. It further contributes to our understanding of social reality. In line with the various social research agencies in India, we have worked on various projects across a wide spectrum of domains and clients. To enable our clients to optimize decision-making, we have developed various tools and worked on tested social research methods to garner the most appropriate information in a customised and convenient way. We conduct both qualitative and quantitative social research in India, Bangladesh, Nepal & Sri Lanka, on a wide spectrum of domains including:

  • Health & Nutrition
  • Population & Family Planning
  • Education
  • Women Empowerment
  • Agriculture/ Land usage
  • Social Marketing
  • Income/ Employment Generation Programmes

Based on the execution of the assigned projects and the quality standards that we adhere to, our clients view us as a credible company for social research in India that provides holistic services in the field of social research. We adopt quality designs coupled with a thorough and detailed execution, following International Standards and Best Practices. We use various sampling approaches in our studies:

National Representative Sample - When country based researches are conducted, we often choose a look-alike sample of the entire population, picking samples that represent the entire population in similar proportions, based on certain criteria.

Cluster Sampling - Under Cluster Sampling, the entire population is divided into groups/clusters, and clusters are then randomly taken up for researching.

Stratified Sampling - When the entire population under a research can be divided into different strata based on a certain criterion, and then random samples are picked from each stratum, it is stratified sampling.

Multi stage Sampling - Multistage Sampling is a more evolved version of cluster sampling. Taking the cluster sampling a step ahead, it involves studying the random clusters chosen so far to be studied in their entirety.

We have worked on several social research projects with prestigious names like the Futures Group International, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Public Health Foundation of India, Ministry of textiles, Saksham.

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