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Market Research Consulting - Connecting Dots

The hole not the drill: Connecting Dots’ philosophy is inspired by Theodore Levitt’s assertion – of the client need for the hole rather than the drill. The outfit is therefore focused on taking insights to their logical conclusion – creating possibilities for client brands by way of strategic answers to problems faced by them.

User inside: It’s unique proposition is manifest in its structure - a partnership of the researcher with the strategic planner. What this structure ensures is that there is a ‘user inside’ looking at the project from an end use lens right from taking the brief for a project.

Synthesis: The other key differentiator is the very approach to research. While meeting consumers is an important element in understanding them, it is only one element. Understanding the context around the problem by examining multiple perspectives is key to getting a richer, fuller picture of the problem as well as the possibilities. Therefore the team is geared to look at any project from as many perspectives as possible – parallel case studies, existing knowledge on the consumer segment even popular culture…

Let’s create together: And finally, in keeping with the solutions oriented approach to research, Connecting Dots aims at making its processes as co-creative as possible, involving clients. Be it in unpeeling the insights or generation of ideas to address the problem.

Market Research Consultant

Amit Shrivastava

In his 19 years’ fascination with trying to understand the human mind, Amit has donned various hats – media planner, researcher, marketer, advertising account planner and brand consultant.

Working with multinational and homegrown Indian brands over the years, he has looked at the subject from many lenses – conventional quantitative and qualitative research, socio cultural analysis, semiotics… He is a firm believer that the ‘truth’ lies somewhere in the synthesis of these various approaches.

Enthusiastic about sharing his perspective with the young, Amit is a passionate trainer, conducting workshops with corporate executives as well as students in various universities in India.

Connecting dots

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