Why choose Market Xcel for Qualitative Research?

The market is today very competitive and it requires great skill, competence, and insights to remain on top. At Market Xcel, we offer comprehensive qualitative market research to brands so that they can explore market potential and trends in a strategic manner. Qualitative data analysis is a vital part of research as it helps us understand and examine content in a meaningful and symbolic manner. Overall, there are two types of data collected in qualitative research namely structured text and unstructured text. Depending on your requirement, they can help you gain better insights into your brand and products.

We have a team of competent and skilled members who have been working in the field of qualitative research for a very long time. Due to this, they have a lot of experience and understanding about how market functions. In the field of qualitative research, we have successfully helped both new and established brands to gain a better understanding of the market scenario, so that they can align their company goals in line with customer expectation. So even though qualitative research methods are often viewed as ‘soft-approach’, conducted as complimentary to structured research or when structured research is not possible for it may require some finer nuances, it can effectively help brands to gain comprehensive insights about the current market and trends.

Qualitative Research Techniques:

  • Direct Methods:
    • Focus Group Discussions
    • In-depth Interviews
    • Ethnography
  • In-direct Methods:
    • Projective Techniques
      • Association Techniques
      • Completion Techniques
      • Construction Techniques
      • Expressive Techniques
  • Other Methods:
    • Diary Method
    • Role-play and Simulation
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